Texas dairy Quiz Practice

1) What breed is known to produce milk over a greater number of years than all other breeds? Brown Swiss
Milking Shorthorn

2) HTST is a ________ Genetic Marker in Holstein Cattle
Milking parlor design
Breed of dairy cow
Pasteurizing system

3) What describes the fraction of the ration proteins, which is broken down by digestive enzymes and utilized by rumen bacteria? % Water Dissolvable Protein
% Total Digestible Protein
% Bacterial Protein
% Degradable proteins

4) When compared to normal corn silage, brown mid-rib corn silage has more energy and high digestibility. This is due largely to its lower content of ________ . Fat

5) A bovine female which has not had a calf is a: Filly

6) When discussing feed mixers, what is the range of manufacturers recommended mixing times? 3-6 minutes
7-9 minutes
10-15 minutes
1-2 minutes

7) Dairy Farmers frequently place a stomach magnet into their cows to: Prevent ingested metal objects from interfering with the digestive tract or the respiratory system
Improve the absorption of iron when the cows are drinking soft water
Prevent arthritis from settling in the hock and knee joints
Help improve the mineral content of the milk

8) How many days after parturition should you wait before breeding a cow back? 10 days
60 days
365 days
120 days

9) 98% of somatic cells are: Lymph nodes
Red blood cells

10) If you add sugar to a milk product, you must ________ the minimum pasteurization temperature by ________ ?F. Decrease, 5
Decrease, 10
Increase, 5
Increase, 10

11) When looking at DHI records, what do the letters RHA stand for? Rolling Herd Average
Regional Holstein Associations
Registered Herd Ancestry
Registered Holstein Ancestry

12) Cow comfort has been linked to milk production in numerous research studies. Which of the following is NOT an example of a way to improve cow comfort used by dairymen: Providing air mattresses for the cows to lay on
Reducing air flow through the barn during cool weather
Providing wading pools allowing them to cool off during hot weather
Allowing them access to their new born calf for the 1st 30 days

13) Dry cows need 0.8 percent K in their diet. What element is K? Calcium

14) When feeding close-up cows a calcium deficient diet, which gland is stimulated? Mammary gland
Pituitary Gland
Parathyroid gland
Hypothalamus Gland

15) Texas dairies normally must be permitted by the ________ before they begin operations. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Dairy Herd Improvement Association
Texas Farm Bureau
Environmental Protection Agency

16) After a bulk tank is washed and rinsed, beading of water droplets is a sign of ________ . pH buffer residue
Milk residue
Protein residue
Fat residue

17) What machine is used to determine if water has been added to milk? Antioscope
Water Monitor
Acme Milk Saver

18) The annual sale of dairy semen exceeds ________ straws. 20,000,000

19) Dairy cows produce milk that is relatively high in B complex vitamins. Because they are ruminants: Vitamin A will be converted to the Vitamin B complex in the rumen
Vitamin D will be converted into the Vitamin B complex in the rumen
It is not necessary to supplement the intake of Vitamin B complex
It is necessary to supplement the intake of Vitamin B complex

20) Most dairies in Texas are considered to be CAFO?s. A CAFO is: Confined Animal Feeding Operation
Concentrated Animal Farming Operation
Confined Animal Farming Operation
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

21) What combines the Predicted Transmitting Ability for protein, fat, type and udder composite index and ranks the animal on its ability to transmit a balance of these four traits Pedigree Type Production Index
Herd Type Production Index
Type Production Index
Total Production Index

22) When does the greatest mammary tissue growth occur during a cow?s life? During the first pregnancy
At puberty
Before she is born
During the second pregnancy

23) What are the two types of ovarian cysts? follicular and luteal
ovum and luteal
follicular and ovum
follicular and horn

24) When referring to milk test used at the processing plant, what is a DMC? Direct Micro Compatibility
Direct Measurement Control
Direct Microscopic Counts
Direct Microscopic Cells

25) Which one of the following is the name of the part of the cow’s back that lies between the withers and the loin? Thurl