Texas dairy Quiz Practice

1) The typical lactation curve shows a dairy cow reaching her peak production about ________ days into 5-10 days
50-70 days
20-30 days
120-180 days

2) BST is the acronym for what compound? Barn Somatotropin
Bovine Special Tinticure
Bovine Somatotropin
Black Sodium Tapestry

3) What kinds of relationship do cattle and the microorganisms in their rumen share? Parasitic

4) What is the most essential nutrient in animal feeding animals and maintaining health? Water

5) In reference to reproduction, what does CL stand for? Compound Lepto
Corpus Luteum
Cattle Lutalysis
Cervix Lymphocyte

6) What is the USDEC? United States Dairy Export Council
United States Dairy Export Corporation
United States Dairy Export Center
United States Dairy Export Company

7) The topline of a cow is made up of the: Loin and stifle
Chine and stifle
Chine and flank
Loin and chine

8) Bulk tanks must be emptied and cleaned every ________ hours. 48

9) What is NAFTA? North American Free Trade Association
North American Free Trade Agreement
North African Free Trade Association
North American Forage Trade Association

10) Protein is a combination of amino acids. The amino acids are unique among compounds involved in nutrition because they contain what element? Phosphorous

11) Fresh milk, at a dairy, is required to be cooled to a minimum of 50 degrees F within 4 hours time after milking. However many larger dairies are using a ________ to accomplish this within minutes. Plate chiller
Refrigeration unit
Dry ice
Tanker truck

12) What are two methods for shortening udder hair? Electrolysis and waxing
Singeing and waxing
Clipping and straight razor shaving
Clipping and singeing

13) Research has shown that by formulating lactating cow rations with proper amounts of certain amino acids, we can decrease the crude protein content of the ration and reduce ________ ? Bloat
Nitrogen excretion

14) Each animal inherits certain genes from both parents. What percentage of genes does a calf receive from 50 percent
75 percent
25 percent
85 percent

15) A mutation where a calf is born with a single toe on one or more feet is called Cloven-hoof
Ungulate Toe

16) What structural carbohydrate component makes older plants less digestible than younger plants? Fructrose

17) What manure waste management method runs manure across a press and squeezes the water out? Lagoon
Solids removal

18) The ________ is the device responsible for regulating both the vacuum level and the proportion of the vacuum for the front and rear quarters. Inflation
Milk meter

19) What do the letters NRC stand for? National Research Chapter
National Research Center
National Research Council
National Research Company

20) Cow comfort has been linked to milk production in numerous research studies. Which of the following is NOT an example of a way to improve cow comfort used by dairymen: Providing air mattresses for the cows to lay on
Reducing air flow through the barn during cool weather
Providing wading pools allowing them to cool off during hot weather
Allowing them access to their new born calf for the 1st 30 days

21) When doing classification scoring, a cow given the numerical value of 85-89.9 is classified as: Very good

22) According to the NRC, what percent calcium should a dry cow ration contain? .39 percent
10 percent
1 percent
2 percent

23) How much water can a lactating cow consume in one day? 15 gallons
5 gallons
25 gallons
35 gallons

24) Dairy producers are particularly watchful for zoonotic diseases in their herd. Zoonotic diseases are defined as those that: Have no knows cures and as such, are especially feared
Pass from animals to humans and vice versa
Pass from animal to animal of the same species
Pass from animal to animal among different species

25) The CWT programs stands for Cooperatives Working Together. Which of the following describes the function of this program? A state-wide program that addresses the cost of dairy feeds
A national dairy farmer-funded program that is used to help stabilize milk prices
The world-wide cooperative network for agricultural products
An international program used to market whey proteins