Texas dairy Quiz Practice

1) If you add sugar to a milk product, you must ________ the minimum pasteurization temperature by ________ ?F. Decrease, 5
Decrease, 10
Increase, 5
Increase, 10

2) When using sexed semen, conception rates are ________ percent of the conception rates achieved when using unsexed semen under the same conditions? 50-80%
10% or less

3) Which one of the following is the largest dairy milk marketing cooperative in the U.S.? California Dairies
Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers
Land O'Lakes
Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)

4) The letters FSIS stand for what? Food Service and Inspection Safety
Food Sanitation and Inquiry Service
Free State Inspection Service
Food Safety and Inspection Service

5) Which body part is located more towards the front of the animal? Stifle
Tail head

6) When referring to milk test used at the processing plant, what is a DMC? Direct Micro Compatibility
Direct Measurement Control
Direct Microscopic Counts
Direct Microscopic Cells

7) Dairy cattle have a ________ field of vision to their front. 180-270 degree
Less than 90 degree
90-180 degree
300 + degree

8) Coccidia infection can occur when calves are 4 to 8 weeks old. Coccidia causes: Pneumonia

9) A calf?s birth weight is approximately ________ % of its? mature weight. 10

10) The two main problems that effect reproduction are: Heat detection and ovarian cancer
Heat detection and cold stress
Heat detection and conception rates
Heat detection and heat stress

11) What is the USDA?s AIPL? Animal Improvement Program Library
Animal Import Processing Language
Animal Improvement Program Lab
Animal Import Program Liability

12) Lactation is unique to ________ . Insects

13) Foot Rot is Scientifically known as what? Interdigital phlegmon
Digital Divides
Intraheel laminitis
Digital Dermatitis

14) The hormone ________ stimulates milk let down and may be administered via injection, when necessary Estrogen

15) Dairy cattle frequently develop milk fever shortly after calving. They become immobile, comatose, and may die without treatment. The treatment typically involves: Intravenous injection of calcium gluconate
Using a stomach pump to administer adequate water to keep them hydrated
Adding additional salt to their feed to supply extra calcium and phosphorus
Injection of Vitamin B-12

16) When is the best time to feed anionic salts to dairy cows? The day before calving
Two weeks prior to calving
While the cow is calving
Immediately after calving

17) What pathway in young calves directs milk into the abomasum, bypassing the rumen, reticulum, and omasum? Masticulas passinomis
Rumen bypass groove
Esophageal groove
Rumen passinomis

18) %DBH stands for what? Percentage of Dead Born Heifers
Percentage of Dead Breathing Heifers
Percentage of Difficulty Breeding in Heifers
Percentage of Difficult Births in Heifers

19) How many days after parturition should you wait before breeding a cow back? 10 days
60 days
365 days
120 days

20) What do the letters EU stands for? Eastern Union
Eastern Understanding
European Union
European Underline

21) Milk fever is also (scientifically) known as what? Parturient paresis
Postpartum paresis
Masticular Paresis

22) In a study of milk parlors conducted by researchers at the University of Florida, how did parallels Parallels out performed herringbones by nearly 8 percent
Herringbones out performed parallels by nearly 8 percent
Parallels were 50% slower
They performed the same

23) Parallel milk barns typically have several cows on each side. The cows are arranged in a ________ fashion in this barn. Side by side (head out)
Head to tail

24) Dairy herds have historically used artificial insemination. Currently approximately ________ % of all dairy pregnancies results from A.I. 85

25) Cows produce pheromones which: Prevent pregnancy
Attract the opposite sex
Ward off infections
Increase levels of milk production